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sustainable yoga mat bags for Christmas presents

Ethical yoga bags for Christmas please!

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The yoga mat bag news we’ve all been waiting for…

Approaching Christmas 2015 we have been inundated with a flood of requests for our ethical yoga bags. Two weeks ago you may have caught us nail biting and wondering how on earth we were going to make this magic happen. You see, 2015 has been a year of enormous challenge for us, every curve ball you could imagine came our way.  Then the most simple and exciting solution presented itself. We have just landed in Phnom Penh with 105kgs of fabric in our suitcases and we’re headed out to Sao Sary Foundation tomorrow. We are so excited to reconnect with the sewing team and work together to bring you more stunning upcycled yoga mat bags.

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The challenges of social enterprise in Cambodia

It hardly seems possible that is was three years since our Founder Claire started this humble yoga bag social enterprise. Here is the full story of how Nikita Handmade came into being. 

In her words it has been “the most rewarding and the most challenging journey” she’s ever experienced. Crossing borders and cultures presents a vast array of unforeseen challenges. Fabric still sitting on the docks in Melbourne since March for one! Hence our solution to fix this.


An ethical yoga bag in your Christmas stocking

Order now and you can treat yourself, your friends and relatives to a most unique and joyful product.  We will have all colours available from December 15th and are happy to announce that for our Australian customers we’ll upgrade your regular postage to express post for FREE. 

Our gift to you

If you buy 4 ethical yoga bags before Christmas, we will pop an extra one in your stocking for you for FREE!

Choose your sustainable yoga mat bag colours here. 

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