We salvage boutique fabric samples from Interior Designers and high-end Fabric Manufacturers for the core material of the Nikita Handmade bag. Like any industry that works with changing fashion trends, Interior Design is seasonal. When the fabric is no longer current, the sample booklets are normally disposed of, eventually becoming landfill. At Nikita Handmade, we frequently visit our generous donators to salvage this beautiful fabric and turn it into your Nikita Handmade bag. This diminishes the use of virgin material and landfill at the same time!


Purchase a Nikita Handmade yoga bag and you are directly contributing to the prevention of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Nikita Handmade is a sustainable community support project that provides fair work opportunities, training and mentoring for at risk people living in extreme poverty in Kampong Speu, Cambodia. Your bag has been lovingly handmade by one of our team members who have overcome incredible odds and are now taking a leading role in their own financial independence.


The Nikita Handmade yoga bag incorporates a range of designer fabric from luxury fabric houses, most fabrics retail for around USD$200-$600 per metre. Beautifully textured and patterned fabrics are pieced together by hand to bring you bags from exquisite colour palettes. Every bag is completely unique, the patchwork squares lovingly put together by the artistically inclined in our team.


At every opportunity, Nikita Handmade has worked hard to ensure that our bags are built to last. The primary fabric in our bags is normally used to make sofas, window treatments and other interior design items. Our team over in Cambodia are absolutely dedicated to providing a quality product, it is truly amazing to watch how meticulously each part of the bag is crafted. Each patchwork square is individually overlocked (all edges are stitched) before being pieced together. This makes the design extremely durable.