The rural Cambodian province of Kampong Speu has been identified as a human trafficking hot spot. The Nikita Handmade vision is to create long-term, reliable income for at-risk families to minimise this devastating black market trade.

To ensure a successful and sustainable community support project, Nikita Handmade partnered up with the Sao Sary Foundation (SSF), a group with a unique approach to improving the living and social conditions of Cambodia’s most impoverished people.

“While many NGOs and aid organisations assist those who have been victimised by human trafficking and sexual exploitation, SSF focusses on prevention. We protect at-risk children and ensure they receive the support they need to prevent exploitation.” (SSF Website)

Societal breakdown during the Khmer Rouge regime shattered the support mechanisms of the family, the temple and community elders resulting in a nation lacking the ability to proactively manage financial income. The Sao Sary Foundation identifies at-risk families and offers a unique program to enable the community to re-establish sustainable households. Skills such as budgeting, household planning and literacy are offered both in-house and remotely.

SSF Founding Director, Vichetr Uon is a Cambodian with a strong social conscious and an inspiring business mind.

“The extreme poverty situation in Kampong Speu need not result in a trafficked child. Young people here deserve to, and are willing to play a central role in rebuilding their communities.”

The Nikita Handmade/SSF working relationship goes beyond the role of simply a customer or employer. Nikita Handmade offers the rare combination of real life business opportunities, safe and fair working arrangements and flexible expectations to accommodate the low local skill level and experience.

Nikita Handmade invests in the potential of the people we work with.

A big focus of our program is transferring skills; the opportunity for us to train the local community, provide ongoing mentoring and meaningful, real-life employment coaching.

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